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X (2022)

Ti West doesn’t quite tread new ground in his grindhouse horror pastiche X, and yet he considers the religious puritanism and rebellious counterculture of 70s America with pulpy retrospection, examining the exploitation that runs deep in both and leaves older generations to wither away in violent, vengeful resentment.

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The Best Films of 2021

Wes Anderson dedicates an enchanting piece of nostalgia to old-fashioned print journalists, Denis Villeneuve delivers on scope and scale in a monumental science-fiction blockbuster, and Jane Campion conducts a delicate study of sensitive masculinity through the western genre.

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Empire of Light (2022)

There is a tragic, hidden beauty affectingly mirrored between Hilary’s passionless life and her once-glorious cinema in Empire of Light, and with Roger Deakins’ radiant photography at Sam Mendes’ disposal, both are united under a rose-tinted conviction of film’s raw, inspiring power.

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The Best Films of 2020

Charlie Kaufman confounds viewers with his eerie, metaphysical study of depression, Steve McQueen’s anthology binds together several stories of Black empowerment in twentieth century London, and Emerald Fennell delivers a thrilling, feminist tale of vengeance.

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Argentina, 1985 (2022)

Argentina, 1985 takes creative liberties in dramatising the first legal conviction of a military dictatorship, but there is a sincerity baked into its performances and direction which offer its subjects a forthright compassion, reframing the nation’s political legacy as one of democratic victory over fascism.

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