The Best Films of 2012

1. The MasterPaul Thomas Anderson
2. Moonrise KingdomWes Anderson
3. Holy MotorsLeos Carax
4. Django UnchainedQuentin Tarantino
5. Spring BreakersHarmony Korine
6. The Dark Knight RisesChristopher Nolan
7. SkyfallSam Mendes
8. Frances HaNoah Baumbach
9. AmourMichael Haneke
10. LooperRian Johnson
Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)

Film Archives

21 Jump StreetPhil LordR
AmourMichael HanekeHR
Cloud AtlasThe Wachowski SistersR
Django UnchainedQuentin TarantinoMS
Frances HaNoah BaumachHR
Holy MotorsLeos CaraxMS
Les MiserablesTom HooperR
LooperRian JohnsonR
Moonrise KingdomWes AndersonMP
Seven PsychopathsMartin McDonaghR
SkyfallSam MendesHR
Spring BreakersHarmony KorineMS
The Dark Knight RisesChristopher NolanHR/MS
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyPeter JacksonR
The HuntThomas VinterbergR
The MasterPaul Thomas AndersonMP
The Perks of Being a WallflowerStephen ChboskyR
To the WonderTerrence MalickR
WadjdaHaifaa al-MansourR
Zero Dark ThirtyKathryn BigelowR
Skyfall (Sam Mendes)

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